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New Hansel & Pretzel Book available!
Macarons and Murder

Love is in the air at the German bakery 'Hansel & Pretzel' in Kitchener, Ontario. Delicious French baked goods are being offered for Valentine's Day, and Linn Sommer finally has her long-awaited date with Bas van de Groot. Everything is perfect, until the handsome police inspector is called away to a homicide investigation ...
The victim turns out to be Maurice Woodard, Linn's hairdresser. On the outside, he was as soft and fluffy as a macaron, but behind his smooth persona he seemed to be a bad egg. Apparently, he didn't just trim his clients' hair, but also bared the roots of their dark secrets and used them for blackmail.
As Linn starts nosing around, the image of Maurice's once dazzling personality crumbles like a meringue ...

Available at Amazon worldwide or order it at your local bookstore!

A light hearted murder mystery with engaging characters and an intriguing plot. I really liked the local setting ... The was a lot of humour and warmth in the book which I greatly enjoyed. The characters were believable and I can't wait to read more in this series. customer Avalon13

I really enjoy being part of Linn's journey ... in Canada, on her crime trail and in finding out who the right guy for her really is. I love the humour and style of the book and can't wait for more recipes. customer Mockingbirdy


You will get a ... great plot, written in a very engaging and entertaining style and with a large dose of humor ... coupled with a warm fuzzy Christmas feeling and some ... romance. You might want to wrap this book and give it to someone you love for Christmas! customer Roni


NOTE: Depending on postage and the current exchange rate, it might be sometimes cheaper to buy the German titles from and get them shipped to your location instead of ordering them at your Amazon store.

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